Fighting Annoying Pests

When it comes to our world, we are constantly encountering other creatures and lifeforms that we share the planet with.  Some of these creatures are welcomed such as cats, dogs and birds.  Other animals such as bugs and insects are welcomed at a distance however, as long as we can keep them under control we can live in peace.  There are some creatures however such as mosquitos, we really need to focus on keeping them out of our world.  This is where mosquito extermination atlanta can be a welcomed solution.

Remove water

Standing water is a major attraction point for mosquitos.  Mosquitos will use the water to drink from as well as lay their eggs.  To remove this standing water make sure you don’t have containers that can collect water such as buckets.  If you do, turn them over or empty them out after a rain.  If you have ponds or other areas that collect water you will want to keep them under control or remove them all together.  Once you have your water under control, you will have eliminated a major component to the problem.


You want to spray chemicals that are water soluble into our environments.  You don’t want to spray chemicals that will stay in the water or in our soils.  If you do then they will find their way back into the plants and into our bodies.  This just causes other issues in our lives.

Stay inside

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When these creatures are out, stay inside.  Typically they are out first thing in the morning or at night when the heat is less.  If you have to be outside use candles and screens to create a barrier between you and them.  If you do get bitten by one don’t scratch the bites.  This will cause the infections to spread. 

It will be a life-long battle to keep these creatures under control.  However, if you start now and follow these basic tips you can keep them down to a minimum.