How To Protect Yourself When Doing Carpentry

The act of building something with wood is known as carpentry.  With carpentry you can build anything from a building to a spice rack for your wife.  When looking into carpentry services summerlin you will want to focus on many different components to ensure that it is done safely and correctly.

Follow the blueprint

When working with wood you will typically be given a blueprint.  This blueprint will layout all of the pieces, parts, measurements and more that have to deal with your project.  A blueprint is typically not blue in color but rather a series of pieces of paper that lays out the steps, with pictures and text.

Wear eye protection

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You want to protect your eyes at all cost.  Your eyes can easily become damaged from flying debris from the saw or other tools or from particles of dust that are floating in the air.  IF you do get something in your eyes don’t rub them. Find water or an eye station and was them out completely.

Wear ear protection

When working with wood you will be using a lot of machines that use compressed air or make a lot of noise from spinning.  When wearing ear protection, you ware protecting the vital eardrums in your head from becoming permanently damaged.

Watch your hands

Your hands need to be away from the blades of your saws and other equipment.  When working with wood you want to watch your hands, have your fingers tucked in and use safety guards when moving wood.  You also never want to put your fingers near the blades of the saw.  Also, locate the emergency shutoff switch and know how to use it. If something does happen then you can stop the blades.

Never work alone

You never want to work alone.  You want someone there to help and to watch what it is you are doing.  Even though you have skills and the tools are in good condition, they are machines and they can fail.  You need to have someone there to bring you medical attention if it is ever needed.