How to Safely Remove and Replace a Tooth

It is perfectly normal to feel scared when one of your teeth starts to feel loose. Perhaps you are now in your 40s and you are experiencing these dental problems for the first time. It may feel as though you are going to lose all your teeth one day, but you should remain calm. One tooth being loose is not the end of the world, provided you have it looked at as soon as possible. It would be helpful if you booked an appointment with a dentist.

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By consulting with a dentist, you can give yourself the best chance of a full recovery. Your dentist will assess your loose tooth and see what is going on. Perhaps it got a knock from a sports injury or you have minor gum disease. Either of these issues is serious, but the latter may also cause damage to your other teeth.

Your dentist will do an assessment to ensure your teeth are fine, aside from the one that is loose. Then your dentist can schedule an appointment to remove the tooth that is causing you problems. They will perform an extraction using anesthesia, but only the local kind. It will ensure you are numb and not feeling any pain through the procedure.

If you are wondering about dentists that handle dental implants near me valencia, talk to your regular dentist. There is a good chance they do implants as well as regular cleaning. They can talk to you about the best way to proceed with your implants, as you usually have to wait a couple of weeks for your mouth to heal after the extraction.

Before you realize, you will have implants in place of the tooth that was lost. You will not notice any difference when you stare at your teeth, and no one will be able to tell either.