Maintaining a Clean, Healthy Workspace

During these troubling times of sickness, nothing is as paramount as trying to make sure you are healthy as possible. If you want to make sure you’re doing your part to stop the potential spread of the coronavirus, you can help maintain your health and the health of those around you by making sure your office is clean and sanitary.

A Healthy Office is a Happy Office

Here are a few things you can do that will help keep germs at bay in the office:

·    Do a full wipe-down of your work area each day

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You should begin your day by disinfecting your work desk, computer keyboard, your computer’s mouse, phones, coffee pots, anything that people touch frequently. You should think about ending the day with a full wipe-down as well, just to err on the side of caution.

·    Make sure to stay on top of washing your hands

Anytime you eat, sneeze, touch a door handle, or go to the bathroom, you should always wash your hands. Encourage those sharing your workspace to make sure they are staying on top of proper hand-washing, as well. A good idea is to keep some hand sanitizer at desks as an extra way to continuously ensure clean hands.

·    Try to avoid too much physical contact with people

While you might be used to team high-fives after a successful project launch or handshakes during meetings, avoiding physical contact is another way to socially distance during the COVID-19 crisis. Waves, fist bumps in the air, and peace signs are the cool greetings at the moment.

Keeping your office as clean and disinfected as possible is a surefire way to help your team, and yourself, stay healthy during these uncertain times. If you want to have a through deep cleaning of your office, you can always call on commercial green cleaning services atlanta ga professional team to help make sure your office is as clean as can be.

When your workspace is clean and thoroughly sanitized, you and your co-workers will feel at ease, and remember, we can all work together and do our parts to keep ourselves and the things around us clean to help eliminate the spread of illnesses.