So, You Want To Save More With Your Local Banker

So, you want to save more with your local banker. Here is how. It might not seem like it but this is a good time to talk to local bankers like Columbia Bank South Plainfield about opening up new savings accounts.

And it is a good time to also start forgetting about taking out new credit lines. That is to say that you are even eligible to do so. After all, and quite rightly it must just be said, bankers have tightened their lending criteria.

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It is not so much a case of being more risk averse than ever before but should be seen by customers, both commercial and domestic alike, as an act of responsibility. You know what they say; give credit where credit is due. And then there is this; being cruel at times turns out to be an act of kindness.

Previously, bankers were never this tight-fisted when it came to lending money. But it was of course a wholly reckless time in the country’s history. It is now much better to save than to spend. Initially, this may take some getting used to. But even so, the idea of making savings each and every month is not nearly as daunting as it looks.

This is how it should work. From the moment you leave high school and you start drawing your first pay check, you begin saving. In fact, many of you would have held down part-time jobs whilst still at school, and that would have been an even better time to start saving. And years later, even whilst just recently retired, you continue saving. It does not need to be much. It could be as little as the price you pay for your regular lattes at your favorite hangouts.